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Playroom Ideas Children Will Love

Play Room Ideas

June 30, 2022 | By Reno Dream


Essentials of a Playroom

What use is a playroom if it fails to entice children? 

When remodeling a playroom, your worst critic will be those little Oompa Loompas and you can’t afford to go wrong. With the threat of a tantrum leering just round the bend, you better be prepared.Get all your plans ready, get all the help you can get and do consider the style and preferences of your child. 

You wouldn’t want to go through the whole trouble again just because Jake didn’t like the clown wallpaper.

Before we start on the ideas that can transform a boring playroom into one that your child loves, you need to know the components that are essential for a playroom. When designing a playroom, we usually just focus on the style and adding colors and filling it up with toys. Instead, you should consider your child’s development. 

The time your child spends in the playroom doesn’t necessarily have to be just about playing, they can learn too. 

So here is a list of components that will make your child’s time in the playroom into a learning experience. 

Storage Boxes

A properly arranged playroom will look quite spacious. But look at the room after your children are done playing and you’ll realize why you need storage boxes. Yes, Storage boxes, lots and lots and lots of storage boxes. The time it’ll take you to clean up the cluster caused by your children can be better managed if you buy them.

Children won’t be able to reach high shelves so it’s better that you avail these storage solutions.Additionally, educate and train your children to put away their things after playing and get freedom from constantly picking up after them. 

Book Corner

Inculcating a reading habit in children early on is good for their mental development. Dedicate a corner of the room for books. Place a shelf there, with your child’s favorite books. Ensure that the corner has a comfortable chair and sufficient light. Sometimes, you can also join your kid and have a book marathon!

Artwork Corner

Everything that your little bundle of joy makes is important to you. So why not display it for everyone to see? Make a small art area in the room, where your child can easily experiment with drawing, painting and any form of art they wish to. Help them with their projects and once it’s done, hang it on a wall. Dedicate a wall for your child’s artwork and let their creativity flow. This will add a personal touch to the room.


You plan carefully but still, at the end of the day, you realize the playroom can’t be safe enough. 

In an effort to reach for that book on the shelf, your child might end up getting hurt. So you need to pay attention to what they are doing at all times. Babies like to put everything in their mouth, so you have to be carefully that nothing small enough is within their reach.

Cover all electric outlets and ensure that there are no loose cords. Children have a habit of fiddling with stuff. Just make sure there’s nothing in the playroom that could be potentially hazardous for them.


The above given items are just a few of the many that definitely must be in your child’s playroom. And the emphasis is on safety. 

Though you have to keep your child’s preference in mind, you can’t have a swimming pool in the playroom just because Denise wants it. Planning the playroom is a long and methodical process which will take time and a lot of patience. 

The best tip? 

Work alongside your child and include them in the planning process.

To help you out with playroom remodeling, here are a few ideas you can get inspiration from.


Decorative Walls

With a wide range of wallpapers to choose from, you just can’t go wrong on this one. Ask your child about their preference and just go with it. Or you can make the playroom more exciting for them by dedicating a wall for them to write on. Children love to scribble so why not just give them the freedom to do that. Although you’ll have to tell them they’re only allowed to write on that specific wall. 

Worried about cleaning it? There are several products now to deal with this mess. You can use wall paints that can be cleaned easily. Just search around and you’ll find a product that suits your needs. 

Mini table and chairs

No matter how soft and comfy the carpet in your child’s room is, they’ll love to have a chair and table to do their art activities on. Shop for small, dinky sized table and chairs to match the rest of the playroom. You child will definitely love the comfort and fun they add to their playtime.Hanging ChairFor older children, you can add a hanging chair. It’s fun and perfect for reading and lounging. 

There are numerous designs and styles available. Take your child shopping and buy them one they love. They are available in various colors and patterns. If the playroom wall is plain, opt for a funkier designed hanging chair. And if you have painted the walls in dark and bold colors, then a simple and plain hanging chair will look just perfect.

Mini Rock Climbing

Get adventurous and buy a mini home climbing wall for your child. This will encourage your child to be physically active. 

But of course, safety comes first, so ensure that they don’t get hurt during the exercise. Other than that, set them free to explore their adventurous side and just enjoy their time.Make having fun the main objective when you’re busy in playroom remodeling. You and your child can decide what you want the playroom to look like and it’ll be like a family activity. Let your child dream, enjoy and laugh.

 Who’s stopping you? You too, should join them and make memories worth cherishing. 

Have fun!




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