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Selecting the Best Interior Doors

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July 14, 2022 | By Reno Dream

Most people won’t see it this way, but the process of selecting interior doors requires due attention. You may disagree with this statement, but with multiple doors present in each house, ignoring their importance isn’t quite smart. 

What would a renovation be like if you don’t invest in interior doors? 

You may get the walls painted and that floor polished, but a dirty, old door would mar the success of your renovation.


In a household, doors are the most visible and hardworking part and so, it’s just fair to say they must reflect class and elegance. Interior doors, if selected with the right vision, can make the right impression on your guest. Choose the ones that match your personality and you can make a huge statement through them. Some people might think this is silly, but indulge yourself this time and you’ll notice the affect they have while adding a strong architectural style to your house.

Sadly, most people spend hours contemplating about exterior doors and rightly so. 

But when it comes to choosing interior doors, they go for the same, boring flush doors. The fact remains that you have more options for interior doors than you do for exterior ones. There are numerous styles, materials and finishes to choose from.Don’t believe it? 

Below are questions that will help you in choosing the right kind of door for your house. Read on.

What is my Style?

The first question you have to ask yourself before buying interior doors is, ‘What is my Style?’ Do I prefer cost over look? This way, you’ll have a clear idea whether you want simple and cheap ones, or stylish and expensive ones.

 Here are the descriptions of some door styles:

Hinge Doors: These include Flush and Panel doors. If you are looking for a simple look for your house and don’t want to spend much, then Flush doors are your best options. 

They are generally made from a single piece of wood and have a classy finish.These are the most commonly used residential doors. As specified by the name, they have multiple panels on them, ranging from one panel to more than 8. 

These panels can be either square or rectangular, but add glass to the mix and the outcome is a glamorous door.

 Bi-Fold Doors: Ideal for small spaces and closets, these doors can fold in half. Tracks are used to mount and hang the doors. Hinges are used in the middle to facilitate this action.

Sliding Doors: Also called the bypass doors, these doors easily slide aside and save swinging space. Sliding doors are hung on rollers from the track and slide smoothly to both sides. They are also generally used for closets but sometimes they’re also used in openings constructed for French doors. Add a mirrored finish and the reflection will make the room look more spacious.If installing sliding doors, ensure that there’s enough wall space on both sides of the door. 

Pocket Doors: Though considered old school, these doors are back in style. They’re quite similar to sliding doors. They too, hang on rollers on track but unlike sliding doors, there’s a space within the wall where they can fit in. 

French Doors: For a dramatic and glamorous look, opt for French doors. More often than not, glass inserts are used in French doors. They consist of two doors that hang on hinges and swing to open. If you want to flaunt a room and its contents, install French doors.


With your style in mind, your search for the right interior door is almost at its end. The next step is to look for the perfect material. Once you decide on it, go out and get the interior door of your choice

What Material Do I Want?

Solid Wood:

 People usually go for solid wood doors since they are durable and long-lasting. But their price might make them a little out of people’s budget.Solid-Core: You can always go for solid-core doors. They are made of plywood and sometimes from molded composite exterior. They will provide the same feeling and look as solid wood but at a lower cost.


The least expensive of the trio, hollow-core has a wooden frame and is filled with cardboard. Because of the cheap material, they are not as reliable and fire-resistant as the other two. With a weak sound barrier, they aren’t really a great option.

Looking for something different than the usual interior doors? 

Here are a few ideas to take inspiration from.

Go for Glazed Doors: These are simple planes of glass that are set in wooden frames. Simple yet elegant, they allow light inside the room and will give it a spacious look too.

Choose Metal Frames: For a sleek and contemporary look, metal frames are the best option. Get them glazed throughout and give a refined touch to the whole room. With a beautiful interior to reflect, these doors will surely be the highlight of your house. They are a perfect solution for rooms with changing heights.

Shelved Doors: Yes, these are exactly what their name suggests; shelves that also function as a door. They look simply lovely in a playroom. A great multi-tasker, you can use them to display trophies, toys or books. No matter however you use them, they’ll provide color and charm to the whole room.

Antique Doors: Give a rustic touch to a contemporary room by installing antique doors. Though they look old but if you have a tasteful eye, they won’t look out of character in a modern room.These were just a few things that will help you in choosing interior doors for your house. For more help along the way, you can contact a professional or just take a stroll through a hardware mart. With an assortment of varieties and styles available, you will have no difficulty in selecting the one that adds character to your house. 


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